Tired of Always Being So Tired

After reading Pureritas review of the Glowing Lean System, I quickly realized that I had to do something about the state of my health and my weight. I’ve been allowing myself to gain weigh in a way that I shouldn’t have. It’s just so hard to stick with a diet when you’re as busy as I am. You would think that because of how busy I am I would actually be able to just lose weight thanks to the constant state of movement I seem to always be in. Unfortunately my metabolism is some kind of traitor or something!

It must be due to my age, honestly. As soon as I hit 30 I swear I could feel everything slow down. Read the rest of this entry »

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Nursing Scholarships for Moms – Making Health Care Education Affordable

Just because you are now a mother doesn’t mean you won’t be able to fulfill your dream of becoming a nurse. It’s true that nursing education is costly but you’ll be excited to know that nursing scholarships for moms are available to help you complete your dream course. The demand for nurses continues to rise so you are assured of getting a high-paying job as a nurse in the years to come.

Higher education can provide better job opportunities and help you earn a higher monthly income. The demand for nurses is high even when the economy is weak. Working as a nurse will improve your family’s quality of life and provide a better future for your children.

Scholarships For Nurses

There are many nursing scholarships being offered but not all will be suitable for moms. You may qualify for only a few but the important thing is to apply for as many scholarships as possible. This is time consuming but don’t forget that you will benefit from your efforts in the end.

You can apply for more than one scholarship to help fund your nursing education. Your academic expenses will include tuition fee, laboratory fee, books, clinical supplies, etc. If you are able to get enough grants, there may be some money left over for family expenditures. Read the rest of this entry »

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Why Consider Becoming a Reproductive Healthcare Assistant?

If the idea of working for a doctor who specializes in helping couples conceive or women’s healthcare appeals to you, reproductive healthcare may be a good field to consider. The demand for healthcare professionals who specialize in reproduction keeps growing. Because of this demand, you’ll find that there are many doctors who are willing to hire assistants with a diploma. This increases the opportunities available, because you don’t need to years to graduation to find a rewarding job.

What would a healthcare assistant do? This is one of the most important medical jobs, because an assistant is typically the first person that a woman or couple with reproductive issues encounters. Your job entails scheduling appointments, handling questions from patients for the doctor, and other types of administrative tasks. Reproductive medicine is a rewarding field, and your caring service to patients makes a major difference.

What to Expect for Admissions Requirements

Students who want to take this type of training will need a high school diploma or GED. In addition to proof of high school education, candidates need to undergo an admission interview, successfully take an entrance evaluation, and apply for a security clearance.

There are also options for mature admission, which many students re-entering school take advantage of. The criteria for this option include having been out of school for 2 years, successful entrance evaluation, 50 Alberta high school diploma credits or CAST Level 3 with a grade twelve equivalency, and security clearance application. Read the rest of this entry »

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Healthcare Marketing: Knowing Your Market Is Crucial

When people hear the words “healthcare marketing specialist,” they seldom think about someone who studies and analyzes markets in order to develop strategies aimed at fulfilling the needs of patients. They usually think about ads and websites. While those indeed are part of marketing, a healthcare marketing specialist is an expert on connecting with patients, both domestically and internationally. We have learned that healthcare marketing materials and media won’t be effective if they aren’t adapted to the specific needs of your patients. Each patient has different needs and is looking for a specific service or solution. Reaching the right patient with the right message, at the right time is a perennial healthcare marketing challenge. Patients have many unspoken expectations as well, things that relate to culture, gender, language, nationality, etc. If you don’t present your services in the way that meets the expectations of the patient–both their conscious and unconscious expectations–the patient will simply look elsewhere.

This is why healthcare marketing professionals with experience delivering messages in “patient-friendly language” is invaluable. A healthcare marketing specialist will help you analyze your patient markets, detect areas of opportunity that your hospital or health center can maximize and plan an effective strategy to attract a bigger share of the market.

In order to know your market one must research the following aspects of patient target markets: Read the rest of this entry »

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Medical Insurance Underwriting

Medical Insurance Underwriting can be a mind field and making the right choice is vital for both the individual and business. Below are the Health Insurance Underwriting options available to our clients. Although the below will help you make an informed decision, we would always recommend having a conversation in relation to Private Insurance Underwriting, as this is a vital part of ensuring you understand what you are and are not covered for.

Individuals and Families

Medical Insurance policies are accepted by the Insurer in 2 ways either;

• Full medical declaration (FMU)
• or what is known as Moratorium

Full Medical Underwriting (FMU)

In the case of full medical underwriting, all the medical information is review by the Medical Insurance underwriters before the policy is accepted. If you disclose any serious medical conditions or illnesses on the application form these conditions may be excluded – sometimes on a permanent basis. Read the rest of this entry »

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