Medical Insurance Underwriting

Medical Insurance Underwriting can be a mind field and making the right choice is vital for both the individual and business. Below are the Health Insurance Underwriting options available to our clients. Although the below will help you make an informed decision, we would always recommend having a conversation in relation to Private Insurance Underwriting, as this is a vital part of ensuring you understand what you are and are not covered for.

Individuals and Families

Medical Insurance policies are accepted by the Insurer in 2 ways either;

• Full medical declaration (FMU)
• or what is known as Moratorium

Full Medical Underwriting (FMU)

In the case of full medical underwriting, all the medical information is review by the Medical Insurance underwriters before the policy is accepted. If you disclose any serious medical conditions or illnesses on the application form these conditions may be excluded – sometimes on a permanent basis. Read the rest of this entry »

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Phimosis: Is Full Circumcision the Only Answer?

As researchers continue to debate the risks and benefits of circumcision, more and more parents are choosing to allow their baby boys to retain their natural state. These parents may hope that by teaching their children proper penis health care, these boys can grow up healthy and happy, with all of the bits of skin they were born with. Unfortunately, some men develop phimosis, an uncomfortable condition in which the foreskin doesn’t retract as it should. Circumcision is commonly prescribed for this condition, but there are other options men can also consider.

Common Symptoms

Men who have phimosis may have difficulty sustaining an erection as they should, and some men experience difficulty with urination due to skin blockages. Phimosis can occur quite suddenly, alarming men who had never seen anything like this in the past. But some men who have phimosis were born with the condition, and they may not know that anything about their anatomy is considered unusual or somehow harmful. They may have difficulties with their sex lives, but they may place the blame for these issues on their confidence or prowess, not on their anatomy. Doctors or sexual partners may be the first to bring the topic to the attention of these men.

Medical Options

In a full circumcision, the foreskin is removed, allowing the glans to be fully exposed. In a few days, men who have this surgery performed may have no phimosis symptoms at all, and they may be pain free for the first time in a long time. However, a full circumcision can also remove some delicate tissue that contains sensory cells. Some men feel reduced sensations during sex after they go through full circumcisions, and the sensory cells they lose don’t ever regrow. Read the rest of this entry »

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Health Care Degrees And The Nursing Salary

Nurses are responsible for caring for sick people by helping them to recover from illness and where possible helping people to prevent the onset of disease and illness. Nurses are also equipped to help families cope with family members who are incapacitated due to illness. As this is a very important career choice it is only natural that people may want to know what a nursing salary is.

It is reported that there are around two and a half million nurses in the health care industry. Within the nursing industry there is much scope for employees and many roles that need fulfilling. Many different types of nurses exist within the health care industry and there are a number of ways for the health care givers to obtain work.

Health care workers work closely with physicians in doctors rooms and in hospitals. Doctors will make the diagnosis and the decision on how to manage the situation and the nurses will administer medicine and health care to the patients. It is their job to nurse the patients back to health. Nurses must be able to build rapport with patients as they spend much more time with the patients than the doctors do. Patients need to be put at ease by the care givers and assisted in reaching full recovery from their illness, disease or injury. Read the rest of this entry »

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Think ROI When Budgeting Your Healthcare Marketing Dollars

As a marketing manager or CFO of a healthcare organization, it is your responsibility to determine the most economic use of your healthcare marketing dollars. With an overwhelming set of tactical options and media choices, developing a strategy is a critical first step before spending a single penny of your media budget. In short, you need to have a road map that outlines your marketing goals before you set out to invest. The planning process should be a formal and thorough part of any marketing campaign. As the old adage aptly states, ‘Failure to plan is planning to fail.’ An old marketing joke quips that 50% of any marketing campaign is a waste of money. The difficulty is knowing which 50%. In short, it takes years of marketing experience to understand the best paths to market any product, service or organization. Not knowing your market or starting a campaign with unclear goals often results in costly inefficiencies and a waste of time and money. This article is geared to help you get it right the first time by outlining the importance of proper planning when budgeting your healthcare marketing dollars.

How to Achieve ROI in Healthcare Marketing

ROI often gets lost in the clamor of a product rollout, or the launch of a new service or brand. Thanks to increasing media fragmentation, healthcare marketing decision makers have a myriad of choices when it comes to channeling healthcare marketing dollars. This can be overwhelming for even seasoned marketing pros. Unless you have unlimited dollars and a marketing team of thousands of staff members, it is simply not possible to target everyone. It’s easy to leap onto the latest trend, whether it is social media, video, or the hottest fad in internet marketing. But, without proper planning, you’re doing little more than blindly spending money and hoping for results. Proper research and planning helps us understand how to invest to get the best bang for our marketing buck. Read the rest of this entry »


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Potential Reasons For Health Insurance Denial

Unfortunately, there are many people who receive letters of denial from health insurance companies. There are a variety of reasons why this happens- some can be avoided, but not all. The truth is that certain individuals are higher risk and as health insurance is a risk business, they have to weigh certain factors to make the decisions that they do. Insurance is actually a gamble for both the insured and the insurer themselves because on either side- someone will lose money for the protection that is needed. Ultimately, the numbers are what wins, but there are a few things that you can do if you have been denied coverage.

Firstly, if you were denied on the basis of something that is inaccurate, you can dispute this. The way that the insurers receive the information about your health, whether you disclose it or not is through the Medical Information Bureau. This is something like the credit report for your health and contains medical records on anyone who has ever had health insurance of any sort and the conditions that they have had. You can do this once yearly at no charge. If you find errors, you can then go about filing the corrections and going from there.

If you have not yet been denied health insurance, or you have been denied by one company but wish to continue seeking coverage, it is a good idea to obtain a copy of this report so that you can either correct inaccuracies or better understand your position and your options. Further, one of the major reasons that people are denied health care coverage is due to age and smoking combined as a factor. Speak to your doctor about getting on a quit plan as soon as you can and see your doctor as often as you can afford to update your status in that- quitting will increase your chances of getting the coverage you need at a rate you can afford. Read the rest of this entry »

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