Changing the Appearance of My Jaw

For the most part I like my appearance, but one thing has always bugged me since childhood. I have this square jaw that just looks really unattractive. Many people have commented about it over the years so it has made me a big self-conscious. One of my friends jokingly said that I could always do square jaw reduction if I wanted to but I never really thought about it until recently. I started looking online about the procedure that’s done and the results and I was blown away. By looking at before and after photos online, it was clear to me that the results of getting square jaw reduction were fantastic. It made me want to do it myself. There were a few things deterring me from going ahead with the surgery though. I’m a big squeamish and think I would have a hard time going under the knife. I also don’t want to deal with a long recovery. The third and final thing preventing me from getting this done was the money. I didn’t have enough money saved up at the time to get the procedure done.

Fast-forward a year, and I finally have enough money saved up to afford this procedure. I called the clinic and spoke with the surgeon there who made me feel very comfortable about getting the surgery done. He told me that it’s quite painless and that the recovery isn’t too bad either. I took him at his word and decided to go ahead and book the surgery for next week. After it was all said and done, I was so happy with the end result. I no longer have that bulky looking square jaw. I just have a nice aesthetically pleasing jaw that doesn’t stand out and draw weird looks from strangers. I am so happy I went ahead with it.

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Watched a Cosmetic Procedure Today

hyaluronic acid hyaluronic acid is a substance native to our bodies ...I am not sure why Mrs Call dragged me along with her, but she made me go down to this aesthetic clinic at 501 Orchard Road #05-08A Wheelock Place. Apparently she was concerned that she might have difficulty getting back home after they finished with the procedure that she had done. The stuff they used was called Hyaluronic Acid Fillers and it is a process where they fillers for nose where they alter the shape of the nose rather subtly. I could not really claim that I could tell a huge difference, but how often you personally take a good long look at another person’s nose. Read the rest of this entry »

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Tired of Always Being So Tired

After reading Pureritas review of the Glowing Lean System, I quickly realized that I had to do something about the state of my health and my weight. I’ve been allowing myself to gain weigh in a way that I shouldn’t have. It’s just so hard to stick with a diet when you’re as busy as I am. You would think that because of how busy I am I would actually be able to just lose weight thanks to the constant state of movement I seem to always be in. Unfortunately my metabolism is some kind of traitor or something!

It must be due to my age, honestly. As soon as I hit 30 I swear I could feel everything slow down. Read the rest of this entry »

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Planning and Design of Behavioral Healthcare Facilities

Behavioral Healthcare Facilities: The Current State of Design

In keeping with most districts of healthcare, the marketplace has seen a boom in the construction of Behavioral Healthcare facilities. Contributing to this increase is the paradigm shift in the way society views mental illness. Society is placing a heavier value on the need to treat people with serious addictions such as alcohol, prescription and elicit drugs. A large percentage of people suffering from behavioral disorders are afflicted with both mental and addictive behaviors, and most will re-enter communities and either become contributors or violators.

These very specialized facilities do not typically yield the attention from today’s top healthcare designers and their quantity accounts for a small fraction of healthcare construction. However, Behavioral Healthcare projects are increasing in number and are being designed by some very prominent architectural firms such as Cannon Design and Architecture Plus. Many are creating state-of-the-art, award-winning contemporary facilities that defy what most of us believe Behavioral Healthcare design to be.

Changing the Way We Design Behavioral Healthcare Facilities Read the rest of this entry »

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Government Contracts – The New Revenue Stream For Healthcare

With our nation’s healthcare infrastructure precariously perched in limbo it seems the physicians are bearing the brunt of these cuts. Physician reimbursement cuts have crippled many specialists while creating a potential shortage of care never before seen. Many physician practices have seen their once healthy bottom lines drop precipitously almost overnight. It has left them scrambling to find new revenue sources.

The increased availability in government contracts calling for medical services has reached an all time high. Until now finding federal, state, and local government bids for physician services has been an exercise in futility by and large. Many practices would openly admit to not seeking these federal, state, or local contracts in the past due to their perceived difficulties. After experiencing the newly implemented Medicare reimbursement cuts many practices are now singing a different tune.

Since the industry was hit with up to 35% cuts in their most profitable modalities, it creates one of two scenarios. The groups that were prepared have expanded their scope of services to now incorporate finding worthwhile government bids and contracts to help offset losses. The groups that were not prepared are now being absorbed by hospital systems just to make ends meet. That second scenario was unimaginable just five years ago. Read the rest of this entry »

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