Think ROI When Budgeting Your Healthcare Marketing Dollars

As a marketing manager or CFO of a healthcare organization, it is your responsibility to determine the most economic use of your healthcare marketing dollars. With an overwhelming set of tactical options and media choices, developing a strategy is a critical first step before spending a single penny of your media budget. In short, you need to have a road map that outlines your marketing goals before you set out to invest. The planning process should be a formal and thorough part of any marketing campaign. As the old adage aptly states, ‘Failure to plan is planning to fail.’ An old marketing joke quips that 50% of any marketing campaign is a waste of money. The difficulty is knowing which 50%. In short, it takes years of marketing experience to understand the best paths to market any product, service or organization. Not knowing your market or starting a campaign with unclear goals often results in costly inefficiencies and a waste of time and money. This article is geared to help you get it right the first time by outlining the importance of proper planning when budgeting your healthcare marketing dollars.

How to Achieve ROI in Healthcare Marketing

ROI often gets lost in the clamor of a product rollout, or the launch of a new service or brand. Thanks to increasing media fragmentation, healthcare marketing decision makers have a myriad of choices when it comes to channeling healthcare marketing dollars. This can be overwhelming for even seasoned marketing pros. Unless you have unlimited dollars and a marketing team of thousands of staff members, it is simply not possible to target everyone. It’s easy to leap onto the latest trend, whether it is social media, video, or the hottest fad in internet marketing. But, without proper planning, you’re doing little more than blindly spending money and hoping for results. Proper research and planning helps us understand how to invest to get the best bang for our marketing buck. Read the rest of this entry »


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Potential Reasons For Health Insurance Denial

Unfortunately, there are many people who receive letters of denial from health insurance companies. There are a variety of reasons why this happens- some can be avoided, but not all. The truth is that certain individuals are higher risk and as health insurance is a risk business, they have to weigh certain factors to make the decisions that they do. Insurance is actually a gamble for both the insured and the insurer themselves because on either side- someone will lose money for the protection that is needed. Ultimately, the numbers are what wins, but there are a few things that you can do if you have been denied coverage.

Firstly, if you were denied on the basis of something that is inaccurate, you can dispute this. The way that the insurers receive the information about your health, whether you disclose it or not is through the Medical Information Bureau. This is something like the credit report for your health and contains medical records on anyone who has ever had health insurance of any sort and the conditions that they have had. You can do this once yearly at no charge. If you find errors, you can then go about filing the corrections and going from there.

If you have not yet been denied health insurance, or you have been denied by one company but wish to continue seeking coverage, it is a good idea to obtain a copy of this report so that you can either correct inaccuracies or better understand your position and your options. Further, one of the major reasons that people are denied health care coverage is due to age and smoking combined as a factor. Speak to your doctor about getting on a quit plan as soon as you can and see your doctor as often as you can afford to update your status in that- quitting will increase your chances of getting the coverage you need at a rate you can afford. Read the rest of this entry »

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Private Medical Insurance

Private medical insurance is a product that is often misunderstood by people because policies differ so widely from insurer to insurer. Private medical insurance complements the service offered by the NHS, and allows people to get private treatment if they do not want to be treated on the National Health Service. Premiums are paid monthly, quarterly or annually, and sometimes an excess can be added to the policy to bring this amount down.

So what are the advantages of buying a private medical insurance policy?

With private medical insurance, you will be able to avoid the long NHS waiting list and get treated at a time convenient to you. Once you have visited your GP and had your claim approved by your private medical insurer, you will be able to choose a time and date to be treated that fits in with your personal schedule.

In addition, you will be able to choose a private hospital you want to be treated in. Perhaps there is a private hospital near you that has an outstanding reputation. With private medical insurance you will be covered for treatment in this hospital. Facilities in private hospitals are second to none. You will be treated in an ensuite room with a television and a personal nurse call button, and a choice of carefully prepared meals. Away from the NHS wards you will also be avoiding hospital superbugs like MRSA and C. difficile. Read the rest of this entry »

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Dental Discount Plans: Is AmeriPlan A Legit Alternative to Dental and Health Care Coverage?

Before my career shift to online marketing, I was laid off from my job with an Internet start-up company and found myself with no health insurance and no dental coverage. The irony to this is I had neglected a tooth that had been bothering me for quite awhile when I actually did have dental coverage. So while I had insurance, I simply didn’t use it because… well, I absolutely hate going to the dentist! I also wasn’t going in for my regular cleanings and checkups.

As (un)luck may have it, once I was without dental insurance for the first time in years, the intensity and frequency of the toothaches picked up. I would often find myself awake at night sometimes to the point of tears. I was even fighting with my wife since planned date nights and socializing typically turned into me being agitated and crabby because of the pain. Not to mention the frustration that I felt over having no health care and no dental coverage to do anything to help my situation.

Unable to take it anymore, I made an appointment with my dentist and made arrangements to use a high interest credit card to pay for whatever necessary dental examination, treatment and care was needed to stop the pain. A routine examination confirmed that I needed about $3000 worth of dental work. Read the rest of this entry »

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Employer’s Suggestions to Maintain a Good Health of the Employees

Employees or workers are the backbone of every workplace be it a small business firm or a multi-national company. For proper functioning of these organizations it is essential to keep the workers satisfied and happy to motivate them for better performance. And to satisfy the workers it is the responsibility of the employer to take care of all their demands which also comprises of their health. A proper health guide has to be arranged for every worker for their complete protection.

The current recession has changed the work culture in the organizations drastically. They are now recruiting lesser number of people capable of multitasking. As a result of which the work pressure on a single person has increased a lot. Night shifts, overtime, street foods, indiscipline lifestyle has an adverse effect on the workers’ health.

To achieve their career goal, to earn more and to be successful workers often have to compromise with their health.It is the responsibility of the employers to extend their helping hand to create a better work environment workers which will help them to stay motivated for better performance.
There are different ways which would help the employers take care of their workers’ health. Some of the tools for proper employee health care are as follows Read the rest of this entry »

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